InventHelp, “The Invent Help People,” is America’s leading inventor service company.
We attempt to submit our clients’ invention ideas to industry in the  hope of obtaining a good faith review. We use a variety of methods in  our attempts to submit an idea or new invention to industry. This includes contacting companies through mailings,  publicity, advertising and attendance at trade shows. InventHelp works  with its sister company, Intromark Incorporated, in the event substantial interest is expressed by a company in an invention.
InventHelp clients may participate in the Invention New Product Exposition (INPEX®)  – held each year in Pittsburgh – where inventions and new ideas from  around the world are exhibited. As “The Invent Help People,” we also  offer the Virtual Invention Prototype™ – a 3-D model of an invention idea on CD-ROM that can be viewed from all sides.

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